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Are you wondering whether you should purchase a bedroom fitted wardrobe instead of a freestanding wardrobe? Are you looking to buy a perfect bedroom fitted wardrobe?  Fitted wardrobes can help create a space that’s not only more organised and efficient but also more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Fitted wardrobes are a game-changer for storage, and bespoke designs will fit into your room design perfectly. Buying fitted furniture for any room in your home requires many considerations to ensure it fits perfectly and blends into the theme of the room. Here we are discussing some bedroom fitted wardrobe ideas that would be helpful for you.

What are bedroom fitted wardrobes?

A  bedroom fitted wardrobe is a popular option when talking about storage solutions. As its name suggests, this kind of wardrobe is fitted into the room from floor to ceiling so you avoid awkward spaces in your bedroom. As a fitted wardrobe is built exactly into the shape of your room, it creates a more opened look than freestanding wardrobes.

The best thing about this kind of wardrobe is that it provides you with more space for storage than a normal freestanding wardrobe

Bedroom Hinged Door Wardrobes London

Are there any benefits in having bedroom fitted wardrobes in your home?

Whether you’re moving into a new house or redesigning a room in your current home, space is always an important factor to consider. But why would you choose a bedroom fitted wardrobe for your home? The answer is certainly due to its advantages. Let’s have a look at what are the advantages of bedroom fitted wardrobes.

Easy Maintenance and cleaning

With a fitted wardrobe, you can have an easier cleaning process. Since the bedroom fitted wardrobes are designed to fit your ceiling, you won’t ever need to dust the top. Remember those cobwebs are usually seen between the wall and a standing wardrobe? That also won’t be an issue. Since with a bespoke wardrobe, we eliminate many unused spaces, we simply only need to clean the things that matter. With a made to measure fitted wardrobe, there’ll be no irksome gaps to collect dust like with a free-standing wardrobe. And there’ll be no more stretching up with a feather duster to clean the top of your wardrobe, or trying to fit the hoover nozzle underneath to reach a stray dust bunny.

Custom-tailored according to needs

You can design a fitted wardrobe with all the features you want, and all the details you would use. You can omit any features that would not be useful to you. They are designed to optimise the layout of your home and are measured to fit perfectly. After all, there’s nothing worse than the anxiety of purchasing a free-standing storage unit, packing it into your car and lugging it up the stairs, only to find it doesn’t actually fit.

Utilization of available space

By utilizing your existing layout, bedroom fitted wardrobes offer the maximum amount of storage space possible. Most bedroom fitted wardrobes take up the entire space from the floor to the ceiling, offering maximum height; you can hang your full-length dresses and even fit a basket or box for your shoes underneath too!

Similarly, bedroom fitted wardrobes offer maximum depth too. With a free-standing wardrobe, you’ll always end up with the inevitable gap between the back of the wardrobe and the wall, however, most built-in units don’t actually have a back panel, offering you the optimum depth to store larger boxes and baskets

Customized Lighting

Is it hard to find things in your freestanding wardrobe at night, or on cloudy days, because it’s so dark inside? With a  bedroom fitted wardrobe, you can custom-tailor the lighting you need right into the design. You can even decide to include a light inside each cabinet, cupboard or drawer, and the light could be triggered to turn itself on each time that compartment is opened.

Customized Configurations

When you install a bespoke fitted wardrobe, you have the benefit of creating a custom configuration that works for you. By customizing the storage accessories which are added to your unit, you can ensure that everything suits your specific requirements; whether you need integrated lighting, lots of hanger space or rows and rows of shoe racks, your chosen fitted furniture specialist can ensure that your bedroom fitted wardrobe is perfect for you.


If you want your home to be more efficient, fitted bedrooms are the answer. You can maximise the efficiency of every bedroom in your home, be it your master bedroom, a guest bedroom, the bedrooms of your children, and so on. With a bedroom fitted wardrobe, space is not wasted every inch of space which can be used, combined with an attractive, stylish design.

Are there any ideas to make the most of your bedroom fitted wardrobes?

Over 70% of people believe that their home doesn’t have enough space available to store their belongings. Storage space is a premium for most bedrooms, so it’s vital to find a solution that helps alleviate this problem.  There are a variety of styles, sizes, shapes and finishes for bedroom fitted wardrobes. The ability to style and design your wardrobe to suit your personal tastes and the available room is one of the biggest attractions to bedroom fitted wardrobes. Here we can discuss some ideas that could be incorporated to make the bedroom fitted wardrobes the best for you.

Bedroom Fitted Wardrobes
Bedroom Fitted Wardrobes

Keep an eye on doors

If you do not have enough space to open the doors of a wardrobe, you could opt for sliding doors. You could choose for smaller or larger doors depending upon the space you have in your room. Think about the size and shape of your bedroom as well as your personal preference when you’re choosing bedroom fitted wardrobe doors. Small bedrooms also benefit from mirrored doors, as they create the illusion of a larger room and provide a full-length mirror without taking up valuable floor space.

Choosing The Interior

The interior of the bedroom fitted wardrobe should be beautiful. Make sure you choose a company that offers the right range of options for your specific storage needs. Ask about hanging rails, shoe and trouser racks, and specialist pull-out shelving to suit your needs. Be creative in designs rather than sticking to templates

Mirrors Are Crucial

Mirrors could decide the beauty of the bedroom fitted wardrobe. It will reflect more natural light and make the room clean and beautiful. It also helps in making the room look more spacious. A mirror makes your room look bigger, also you could avoid another investment on a dressing table. You could also design a small space with a mirror and a shelf at the back of your cosmetics


Design a bedroom fitted wardrobe to the ceiling height. This gives you more space for your travel bags and suitcases, when not in use. You could use this space for storing things that you wouldn’t use often.

Extra Storage Options

A bedroom fitted wardrobe could help you not only in storing your clothes. You can use it in storing your shoes, ornaments, sports gadgets and much. You can even build a secret cabinet inside the bedroom fitted wardrobes to keep money or similar valuable items.

Drawers and shelves

Typically the drawers have huge storage capacity. You can store your undergarments, socks, belts, and handkerchiefs in these spaces. This prevents your shelves from looking cluttered. You don’t have to hunt for your missing pair of socks. Big sleek drawers help you to store important documents. You need to ascertain the number of shelves that you would be needing for folded clothes. Run the design in your mind, if possible draw a plan on a paper. This would help you create room for all things that you would be stored in the bedroom fitted wardrobe.


A well-ventilated wardrobe helps maintain the freshness of clothes, particularly those that aren’t washed after every wear. Allow sufficient hanging space and choose baskets that allow air to circulate. Walk-ins should be ventilated like any other room.

Be Prepared

Before starting to make a bedroom fitted wardrobe you should be prepared. Think about the type of bedroom fitted wardrobe you need to have whether it’s sliding or hinged. Think about its design, colour and shades. This could help to minimise the errors if any.

Focus On Look And Essentials

This is subject to personal taste and lifestyle, but put together a list of the most frequently used items and focus on finding the perfect version of those. You can call it your uniform or signature look. Everything else comes after.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need a separate dressing room to create dreamy bedroom storage.  You can tackle bedroom clutter with beautiful, tailor-made fitted wardrobes. Even though all these factors are important there is another prominent thing you have to keep in mind while selecting a better bedroom fitted wardrobe, that’s to choose a bespoke wardrobe manufacturing company. Fitted wardrobes London is known for its experience in making the best bedroom fitted wardrobes in London. Whether you’re looking for something with a heavily contemporary feel, minimalistic design or leaning toward the oriental side you can browse our doors collection online and find something to suit your style!  You can choose your favourite wardrobe from a variety of classic and modern finishes along with different types of accessories that would just fit your needs.