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Having a built-in wardrobe in the home is not only a dream but also a necessity nowadays. Many of our homes lack the storage space that we need. Shopping for the perfect wardrobe can be a daunting task since most freestanding closets tend to be either the wrong fit for your room or lack enough storage for all of your clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories. A simple way to work around these issues is to opt for built-in wardrobes or fitted wardrobes, which are essentially integrated closets custom-designed for your space. Here we can discuss some built-in wardrobe ideas which are useful to you when you are going to buy a built-in wardrobe.

Built in Wardrobe Design London

What are the built-in wardrobes?

By definition, a built-in wardrobe is a seamless part of a room design. If you’re renovating or building, the wardrobe can be part of your design and you can allocate space for it.  They can take exact measurements of space and build a wardrobe to fit the space. Built-in wardrobes are ideal not only for bedrooms but for other areas in the home such as the study and the laundry. This is because they are absolutely perfect for storage.  In the bedroom, they can be used to hold clothes, hats, bags, shoes, jewellery, spare blankets, valuables, and much more.  In other areas of the home, you can use them for holding books, office supplies, cleaning products, towels, bed linen, blankets, and much more.  The best part is that you can tailor your built-in wardrobe for what you will be using it for with different combinations of shelving, racks, baskets, and so on.

How are built-in wardrobes useful to your home?

Having a built-in wardrobe at home could actually be extremely useful to you. We can check out some benefits of having built-in wardrobes in your home.

Maximises space- Unlike free-standing wardrobes, built-in wardrobes can be built to fit into any kind of space. An intelligent solution to deal with awkward spaces, built-in wardrobes can even be customized to fit into L-shaped corners or designed around windows to make the best use of space in your room. This way, you can utilize alcoves and odd corners that usually remain out of action and integrate your wardrobe with your existing room layout.

Stylizes the interiors– The best thing about built-in closets is seeing your creativity come to life. You play a role in the design process. In fact, you can design this according to your room’s interior. Try to choose materials that also complement everything. You may go with a sleek, acrylic finish and go for a contemporary style. Or, you can go for traditional interiors. Try choosing walnut woods or other woods for the rustic interior.

Fit it with custom lighting– This one built-in wardrobe has the facility to add custom tailor lighting in the way you want. Lighting is a part of the designs, and it can be installed inside each cabinet, shelf and drawer, and it will work automatically when you open that particular compartment. The perfect finish and material: You can choose the material and style of finish and create an awesome looking piece that will complete the look of the rest of the furniture and furnishing. They have a classy finish and strong material which is perfect for your requirements.

Customised Configuration– The built-in wardrobes could be adjusted according to the internal configuration and customize the storage accessories according to your personal requirements. For example, if your clothing collection consists primarily of formals, your built-in wardrobe can be designed with more hanger space, trouser racks and storage boxes to hold accessories. You can also position the height of the internal shelves such that they are within easy reach.

What are the different types of built-in wardrobes?

Start by thinking about how you use your bedroom and what you want from the furniture on it. You’ll need to consider: the size and shape of your room; what you want to store and how often you’ll want to access it; how you use the room. For example, a spare bedroom that doubles up as an office may benefit from a fitted desk and filing cabinets as well as wardrobes. Next, consider what type of built-in wardrobes you’d like. This mainly comes down to style, but can also affect usability. 

Sliding wardrobes– Sliding door wardrobes are a more contemporary storage solution, but also an excellent option to go for, working well in numerous room types.

Their biggest advantage is that they don’t require much space in front of them, as their doors slide from side to side. This allows them to work well at the end of a bed, for example. Sliding door wardrobes also tend to be larger, with more space for your belongings and they can be more stable, as they aren’t reliant on hinges to hold up the doors

Sliding Wardrobes London

Loft wardrobes– A loft offers ample storage space for lesser-used home materials such as soft furnishing items. It utilizes extra space above the wardrobe’s mainframe and efficiently takes care of every storage need.

Loft Wardrobes London

Mirrored wardrobes– Mirrored doors are built directly into the wall and can reach up to ceiling heights. The wardrobe interior door, for example, can be organized into a fantastic internal storage solution with hanging rails, shelves, boxes, racks, drawers etc.

Mirrored Wardrobes London

Hinged wardrobes– Hinged wardrobe doors provide more hanging space as you can utilize all corners of the wardrobe and even the back of the doors. The fact that you can open the doors fully and don’t have part of your built-in wardrobe obscured also makes it a lot easier to find what you are looking for. Hinged doors are also the more traditional option so you are more likely to find a better range of doors in different sizes and finishes to fit your space.

Hinged Wardrobes London

Walk-in wardrobe– A walk-in wardrobe is an aspirational aspect of home design–especially when it is one that is spacious, well organized and kitted out with a closet system that is as stylish as the clothing collection it holds.

In addition to all these, there are other options like Children’s wardrobe, office wardrobe, floor to ceiling wardrobes and much more. You can select the better one according to your requirement. 

What are the ideas for making your built-in wardrobes the best?

While building a wardrobe make sure that that would be useful for you. Here we are discussing some ideas that could help you while designing a built-in wardrobe in london

Choose interior options to suit your lifestyle: The inside of your wardrobe must be as beautiful as the outside. Make sure you choose a company that offers the right range of options for your specific storage needs. Ask about hanging rails, shoe and trouser racks, and specialist pull-out shelving to suit your needs. Be creative in designs rather than sticking to templates

Add Mirrors to the wardrobe: Mirrors could increase the aesthetic look of the wardrobe. It will reflect more natural light and make the room clean and beautiful. It also helps in making the room look more spacious. A mirror makes your room look bigger, also you could avoid another investment on a dressing table. You could also design a small space with a mirror and a shelf at the back of your cosmetics.

Height of the wardrobe: Design a wardrobe to the ceiling height. This gives you more space for your travel bags and suitcases, when not in use. You could use this space for storing things that you wouldn’t use often.

Provide proper ventilation: A well-ventilated wardrobe helps maintain the freshness of clothes, particularly those that aren’t washed after every wear. Allow sufficient hanging space and choose baskets that allow air to circulate. Walk-ins should be ventilated like any other room.

Focus on look and essentials: This is subject to personal taste and lifestyle, but put together a list of the most frequently used items and focus on finding the perfect version of those. You can call it your uniform or signature look. Everything else comes after.

Doors are crucial: There are many designs that you could opt for while designing the door. If you do not have enough space to open the doors of a wardrobe, you could opt for sliding doors. You could choose for smaller or larger doors depending upon the space you have in your room. Think about the size and shape of your bedroom as well as your personal preference when you’re choosing wardrobe doors. Small bedrooms also benefit from mirrored doors, as they create the illusion of a larger room and provide a full-length mirror without taking up valuable floor space.

Keep in mind about drawers and shelves: Drawers are mostly overlooked. They have huge storage capacity. You can store your undergarments, socks, belts, and handkerchiefs in these spaces. This prevents your shelves from looking cluttered. You don’t have to hunt for your missing pair of socks. Big sleek drawers help you to store important documents. You need to ascertain the number of shelves that you would be needing for folded clothes. Run the design in your mind, if possible draw a plan on a paper. This would help you create room for all things that you would be stored in the wardrobe.

Be prepared: Before starting to make a built-in wardrobe you should be prepared. Think about the type of built-in wardrobe you need to have whether it’s sliding or hinged. Think about its design, colour and shades. This could help to minimise the errors if any.

Add some extra storage options: A built-in wardrobe could help you not only in storing your clothes. You can use it in storing your shoes, ornaments, sports gadgets and much. You can even build a secret cabinet inside the built-in wardrobes to keep money or similar valuable items.

Be Patient: Never be in a hurry while selecting a built-in wardrobe.  If you find something, but do not absolutely love it or it doesn’t meet your standards, just go on and do not settle for less. Resist your urge and be patient as having a perfect wardrobe is our goal.

Select the best wardrobe makers: Since there are a lot of bespoke wardrobe makers in London it’s difficult to find the best one. Always analyze the previous work, think of your budget and pick the perfect ones. When it comes to the bespoke built-in wardrobe makers in London, fitted wardrobes London is always highly ranked. We have an experienced team of designers, artisans and installers who make sure that every built-in wardrobe is made with utmost precision and suits exactly your tastes. Choose your time and our team will be there to help you.