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When it comes to fitted wardrobes, we always have the doubt that how could we install them in small bedrooms. Limited storage space is one of the major concerns when it comes to a small bedroom. A bedroom with sufficient storage space along with a fabulous design is everyone’s desire. With made to measure fitted wardrobes, this exactly is not a problem. We can take exact measurements according to the requirement and could install a completely bespoke fitted wardrobe in your home.

Factors to consider while making a fitted wardrobe for a small bedroom.

Nowadays apartments are becoming more compact and storage-related issues are rising up. We have to be careful in utilizing the space inside a room. For storage-related issues, it’s better to opt for a fitted wardrobe, but we have to consider certain factors while designing them.

Choose the right accessories

When you choose the right accessories it could help you in saving a lot of space. Design the drawers and shelves thoughtfully to provide optimal storage for all your small items. You can have a fancy storage rack if necessary which could be a storage option. The right accessories will be a boon for limited spaces

Start from the ground level

When we start constructing the wardrobe, we must start making it from the ground level. This helps in utilising the entire available space and would increase your storage option. You can extend the wardrobe up to the ceiling if required. The customisations could be made according to the requirement as this would offer more space to add accessories.

Organised internal storage systems

The internal storage systems would be organised regardless of drawers, rails etc. You can manage your clothes by adding dividers. It’s also better to use boxes and baskets inside the wardrobes so that we can include more of our essentials in it.

Use the right colours

The colours have a great role while we are building a fitted wardrobe for a compact room. Dark colours will make your walls appear closed in, while light colours open up your room and make it appear larger than it is. If space is in short supply, white is always your safest bet. It is cool and refreshing and adds an elegant touch to any room

Using sliding doors

Sliding door wardrobes with black gloss


Sliding door wardrobes with black gloss

Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors are an excellent option for storage in small rooms. Rather than the hinged doors, sliding doors save a lot of space and it is ideal for rooms with less space.

Choosing the right materials in making

To choose a wardrobe for a compact room is that you must be more careful and selective in choosing the right materials. There is a wide selection of materials for wardrobe, namely wood, plastic etc. For a small-sized bedroom, try to use wood material. Besides looking so natural, wood is also stronger and sturdier. Wood is also durable and resistant to weather changes. Also, use the light coloured one so that your bedroom will look more spacious

Advantages of small wardrobes 

In rooms which are compact, small fitted wardrobes are the better choice for storage options. We can now analyse the advantages of small wardrobes.

  • Easy to manage and remember the things we would keep in the wardrobe.
  • The storage becomes easy and it would stay cleaner 
  • Perfectly suited for homes, especially single bedroom flats and small homes
  • Better storage options, if you have only fewer things to keep
  • Cost-effective when compared to bulky wardrobes
  • For nuclear families, they could be the right option
  • Build according to your available space
  • Easy maintenance when compared to bulky ones
  • Better suited for professional use


Space is at a premium these days, and apartments are more compact now than ever before. This doesn’t mean that having a small bedroom should cause you to worry about storage. Having a fitted wardrobe in your home would be always a better option to solve your storage-related queries. Don’t get worried due to lack of storage options due to size-related issues, Fitted Wardrobes London brings to you the finest small loft wardrobes in town. Our designers take exact measurements and design the fitted wardrobes by considering your ideas and taste so that you don’t have to look back again. Get in touch with us today!