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Floor to ceiling Hinged Wardrobes

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Floor to ceiling hinged wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobes London builds floor to ceiling wardrobes with hinged doors no matter what height your ceiling is. Floor to ceiling wardrobes with sliding doors are a brilliant solution to employ all the available space on your wall. Most times we are unable to use the full height of our walls for storage due to difficulty in reaching the top. Many times items are left out which leads them to gather dust and incur damage in the long run, and it also looks unsightly. Our floor to ceiling wardrobes often comes to limelight for its gorgeous looks and built quality. It provides excellent internal storage for all those clothes, shoes and whatever else you might want to store away. Maximising the storage space is an added advantage of floor to ceiling as it can be made in any height utilising your entire space. The height of each room would be different and so as the shape. Keeping this in mind we make the customisations just according the design of the room without any space left behind. You can add the exteriors of your choice to make the wardrobe look more stylish. The floor to ceiling wardrobes comes in a classic Italian look which overall changes the look of your bedroom. The biggest advantage of floor to ceiling hinged wardrobe doors is that they swing wide open, enabling a full view of the closet. Each floor to ceiling hinged wardrobe could be neatly customised according to your specific requirements, like interior, colours, shade, ramp lights and even more. Our expert team specialise in designing and installing floor to ceiling hinged wardrobes and each of them is created with utmost care and precision to make everything perfect. The floor to ceiling wardrobes could be made in a budget variant too according to your requirement. You can proudly showcase your new range of wardrobe to your friends and relatives without any cuts in your pocket. How about those washing baskets and shoe racks now neatly organised inside your floor-to-ceiling wardrobe? You can make all this happen by just getting in touch with the finest floor to ceiling hinged wardrobes designers in the UK, Fitted Wardrobes London.
floor to ceiling hinged wardrobes designs

Floor to ceiling hinged wardrobes

We help you in creating floor to ceiling wardrobes with the most appropriate inserts to accommodate your specific storage requirements.
Hinged mirror wardrobes

Mirrored Hinged Wardrobes

Enjoy great deals on a wide range of modern and classic, space-saving mirror hinged wardrobes
Hinged wardrobes designs

Modern hinged wardrobes

Bring home the amazing range of modern hinged wardrobes to feel the luxury within, get in touch now
Corner fitted hinged wardrobes

Corner fitted hinged wardrobes

Our range of corner fitted hinged wardrobes can provide the answer if you’re looking to replace your limited storage units with one of our built-in corner wardrobes.

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