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Mirror Hinged Wardrobes

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Mirrored Hinged Wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobes London brings to you an amazing range of mirror hinged wardrobes that change the overall look of your home.  A mirrored hinged wardrobe gives bedrooms a look of being twice the size they really are, bringing a feel of space and lightness.

When natural daylight and artificial lighting falls on the mirror, it would give a brighter and more spacious feel to the room. We all know the specific properties of mirrors, they can reflect the natural light as well as artificial lighting giving a pleasant feeling inside the room  Each mirror hinged wardrobe is designed and crafted by our expert team. While making the customization, there will be almost zero chances of confusion and each mirror hinged wardrobe would perfectly fit in the required space. Nowadays more people are preferring mirrored wardrobes than other wardrobes due to their design and look. Since mirrored hinged doors tend to be stylish, they can be used in multiple areas of the home or even at the office if utilized properly. Additionally, if the outside view is not that important, you can also install racks on them to store a range of things like DVDs, letter pads, pen, key set and more.

Even if you are looking for a minimalistic and traditional wardrobe, a mirrored hinged wardrobe could be your ideal choice. if you’re looking for a more modern aesthetic, our range of design-focused mirror hinged wardrobes is sure to impress. Clients can easily personalize the colours and finishes of tracks and panels also. The best part is, even the styles of the mirrors can be chosen based on the design of your building. We have derived different models for mirrored wardrobe, from which according to your style and comfort you can select your desired one. Our specialists put up a significant amount of effort behind every design they come up with. We offer customised colour frames including colours like white, black, silver and gold, from which you can select exactly the one that just fits your bedroom design. Feel the luxury and elegance of mirror hinged wardrobes in your home, choose Fitted Wardrobes London

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