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Modern hinged wardrobes

Create a classic bedroom look with our amazing and unique range of modern hinged wardrobes that you will fall in love again and again.  Our modern hinged wardrobes can be designed to work around less traditional spaces, sloping or angled ceilings, allowing you to make the most of your storage space. Many customers love hinged doors because they allow complete ease of access; giving you unhindered access to all your fashion items at one time. We see opportunity in every space of your bedroom and would transform it with intelligent and bespoke designs to something special. Our bespoke modern hinged wardrobes can be made with the colour you choose to add a sleek, classy and stylish look for your room. If you are looking for something to impress your friends or neighbours then modern hinged wardrobe doors should definitely be your choice. Hinged storage spaces offer a unique solution to the room, very different from the usual and monotonous walk-in cupboards and sliding units. Our designers take the exact measurement of your space and mark your requirements.  When it comes to maintenance costs hinged wardrobes has comparatively fewer costs and the hinges could be replaced easily. 

Modern hinged wardrobes give a provision to install hooks, pockets or racks on the inside surface of the shutter for accessories such as ties, belts, clips and so on. Hinged Door Wardrobes are great for access. We know our customers like to add their personality into their fitted hinged door design and we’re happy to facilitate that through a range of accessory choices like internal and external led lighting, pull down hanging rails and tie and belt organisers.  You can see everything inside the wardrobe and you can get access to all areas of the robe. If you wish to have a shoe rack or a customised hanging rail or even fancy drawer, we bring that customisation in the wardrobe with utmost perfection, so that you won’t miss anything. Even if your space is a little unusual or you have a particular taste, we can bring to your dream modern hinged wardrobes, made with premium quality products and craftsmanship.

floor to ceiling hinged wardrobes designs

Floor to ceiling hinged wardrobes

We help you in creating floor to ceiling wardrobes with the most appropriate inserts to accommodate your specific storage requirements.
Hinged mirror wardrobes

Mirrored Hinged Wardrobes

Enjoy great deals on a wide range of modern and classic, space-saving mirror hinged wardrobes
Hinged wardrobes designs

Modern hinged wardrobes

Bring home the amazing range of modern hinged wardrobes to feel the luxury within, get in touch now
Corner fitted hinged wardrobes

Corner fitted hinged wardrobes

Our range of corner fitted hinged wardrobes can provide the answer if you’re looking to replace your limited storage units with one of our built-in corner wardrobes.

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