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Fitted wardrobes can provide a stylish and practical storage solution. Upon searching online for fitted wardrobe prices, it can be a little tricky to figure out exactly how much you might need to invest for a quality fitted wardrobe. Are you looking to create a bespoke bedroom complete with fitted wardrobes? Fitted wardrobes offer the best way of maximizing the space in your bedroom. They are becoming more popular and are sought after by many home buyers. But most of us are confused about the cost of a fitted wardrobe, they are not aware of how much money they have to spend to bring a fitted wardrobe to home. Here we are discussing fitted wardrobes, their features and costs.

Fitted Mirrored Wardrobes

What are fitted wardrobes?

A fitted wardrobe is made to measure, meaning it fits perfectly in the space you have available. This maximizes your storage space and eliminates the unclean aesthetics as well as gaps that are created with free standing wardrobes. A fitted wardrobe is a popular option when talking about storage solutions. As its name suggests, this kind of wardrobe is fitted into the room from floor to ceiling so you avoid awkward spaces in your bedroom. Fitted wardrobes come in all widths and heights. You can choose exactly the one you need.

What are the benefits of having a fitted wardrobe in your home?

Fitted wardrobes are a must need furniture for modern homes. But why are they so relevant? What could be its advantages? Let’s have a look.

Maximum utilization of available space –  By utilizing your existing layout, fitted wardrobes offer the maximum amount of storage space possible. Most built-in wardrobes take up the entire space from the floor to the ceiling, offering maximum height; you can hang your full-length dresses and even fit a basket or box for your shoes underneath too!

Similarly, fitted wardrobes offer maximum depth too. With a free-standing wardrobe, you’ll always end up with the inevitable gap between the back of the wardrobe and the wall, however, most built-in units don’t actually have a back panel, offering you the optimum depth to store larger boxes and baskets.

Can be custom-tailored according to needs – You can design a fitted wardrobe with all the features you want, and all the details you would use. You can omit any features that would not be useful to you. They are designed to optimize the layout of your home and are measured to fit perfectly. After all, there’s nothing worse than the anxiety of purchasing a free-standing storage unit, packing it into your car and lugging it up the stairs, only to find it doesn’t actually fit.

Customized lighting – Is it hard to find things in your freestanding wardrobe at night, or on cloudy days, because it’s so dark inside? With a fitted wardrobe, you can custom-tailor the lighting you need right into the design. You can even decide to include a light inside each cabinet, cupboard or drawer, and the light could be triggered to turn itself on each time that compartment is opened.

Customized configurations – When you install a bespoke fitted wardrobe, you have the benefit of creating a custom configuration that works for you. By customizing the storage accessories which are added to your unit, you can ensure that everything suits your specific requirements; whether you need integrated lighting, lots of hanger space or rows and rows of shoe racks, your chosen fitted furniture specialist can ensure that your wardrobe is perfect for you.

Higher efficiency – If you want your home to be more efficient, fitted bedrooms are the answer. You can maximize the efficiency of every bedroom in your home, be it your master bedroom, a guest bedroom, the bedrooms of your children, and so on. With a fitted wardrobe, space is not wasted – every inch of space that can be used is used, combined with an attractive, stylish design.

Which type of fitted wardrobes should you choose?

Start by thinking about how you use your bedroom and what you want from the furniture in it. You’ll need to consider: the size and shape of your room; what you want to store and how often you’ll want to access it; how you use the room. For example, a spare bedroom that doubles up as an office may benefit from a fitted desk and filing cabinets as well as wardrobes. Next, consider what type of wardrobes you’d like. This mainly comes down to style, but can also affect usability. 

Sliding wardrobes- Sliding door wardrobes are a more contemporary storage solution, but also an excellent option to go for, working well in numerous room types.

Their biggest advantage is that they don’t require much space in front of them, as their doors slide from side to side. This allows them to work well at the end of a bed, for example. Sliding door wardrobes also tend to be larger, with more space for your belongings and they can be more stable, as they aren’t reliant on hinges to hold up the doors

Loft wardrobes– A loft offers ample storage space for lesser-used home materials such as soft furnishing items. It utilizes extra space above the wardrobe’s mainframe and efficiently takes care of every storage need.

Mirrored wardrobes- Mirrored doors are built directly into the wall and can reach up to ceiling heights. The wardrobe interior door, for example, can be organized into a fantastic internal storage solution with hanging rails, shelves, boxes, racks, drawers etc.

Hinged wardrobes- Hinged wardrobe doors provide more hanging space as you can utilize all corners of the wardrobe and even the back of the doors. The fact that you can open the doors fully and don’t have part of your wardrobe obscured also makes it a lot easier to find what you are looking for. Hinged doors are also the more traditional option so you are more likely to find a better range of doors in different sizes and finishes to fit your space.

Walk-in wardrobe– A walk-in wardrobe is an aspirational aspect of home design–especially when it is one that is spacious, well organized and kitted out with a closet system that is as stylish as the clothing collection it holds.

Walk In wardrobes

In addition to all these, there are other options like Children wardrobe, office wardrobe, roof to ceiling wardrobes and much more. You can select the better one according to your requirement.


Are there any factors affecting the price of wardrobe?

We now know that there are different types of wardrobes and we can customise according to our specific needs. But are there any factors that depend on the price of a wardrobe? Let’s have a look

Door Designs- The more elaborate the design of the wardrobe doors, the more you will have to shell out. When it comes to door designs there are a variety of choices. If you choose to have louvred shutters your cost of labour and workmanship will go up significantly. You will find that plain shutters are the lightest on your budget, but you will find that they are common and thus do not look unique. You can choose to have mirrors fitted on the outside of your doors, which will also add to the cost. Regardless, many homeowners prefer mirrors on wardrobe doors as they can visually enhance the space in a small bedroom.

Material– When we choose the material we are actually deciding the price. The material we use inside and outside the wardrobe is the primary factor which determines the price of the wardrobe. The material could be wooden, with high gloss, matte laminate, PU or anything similar. The price will differ according to the quality of the material and the finish

Sliding or Hinged doors- Both hinged and sliding wardrobes are used nowadays but both are different according to price. When it comes to space-saving and overall look sliding wardrobes have an upper hand. They have a sleek and stylish look which is good in terms of aesthetic look but is quite expensive. The hinged could be a comparatively cheap one

Shelves and Drawers-  Having shelves are drawers is a necessity in wardrobes. When we add shelves and drawers to the wardrobe, the cost will naturally increase. When you add channels and locks the materials used would increase causing a rise in the prices. The open shelves use less material than drawers.

Accessories-  Accessories are the heart of wardrobes. If you’re looking to organize your storage better, there are many useful accessories that you can choose to add. We we might be interested in adding a fancy drawer or a shoe rack to our wardrobe. These all could increase the cost of the wardrobe. If you opt for wardrobe lights that come on when the shutter is opened, they will also add to the cost.

What would be the average cost of wardrobes?

Fitted wardrobes are the best storage solution for any sized bedroom. Not only can they transform the entire look of a room but built-in wardrobes significantly increase storage space and usability. As we know the cost would definitely depend upon accessories size, materials and much more factors. The budget range pre-built wardrobes would be ranging from  £500 to £800 per linear metre. The medium-range would start from  £800 to £1,000 per linear metre and the better ranges would be from £1200. The cost of each additional accessory would be extra. The price of drawers would range from  £80to £100+VAT. We all wish to have a shoe rack in the wardrobe, the price would be around £70 and above starting. The price range of LED lighting starts at £120. Each of these additions would naturally increase the cost. 

The price of bespoke furniture would depend on these factors very much. The price of bespoke fitted wardrobes is between £1500 and £7,000+ to install, though most homeowners pay an average of between £2500 – £5,000. These figures are fully inclusive, meaning they include all the parts and materials as well as installation, though they may exclude other expenses such as delivery. A perfect choice for smaller bedrooms, your basic fitted double wardrobe usually comes in two-door or four-door options and should cost between £1500 and £3,000 and for triple-section that would be from £2500 to higher prices. Fully bespoke and custom fitted wardrobes could have price always on the higher side. A luxurious and elegant range of wardrobes could even have a starting price of £5000.  The great thing about going bespoke and having a professional joiner build one for you, it can be whatever style you choose. Some wardrobe companies include installation costs made to measure fitted furniture and this increases the final price.

Final Thoughts

Built-in wardrobes are a way to personalize your living space and should look as best as possible. Due to the fact that fitted wardrobes become part of the room structure and are more or less permanent, you should never compromise on quality. Hope the above write up was useful for you. If you have a messy bedroom with mismatched furniture and loads of wasted space, maybe you should consider buying a fitted wardrobe. If you are looking for a perfect bespoke fitted wardrobe manufacturer in London, Fitted Wardrobes London could be your ideal choice. To get a quote, get in touch with us.