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Bespoke Loft Wardrobes

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Bespoke Loft wardrobes

Looking for more space in your bedroom? Here comes the exciting range of fitted wardrobes that takes your lifestyle to an organised manner. Our wardrobes storage ideas transform the usable space possible without disturbing the harmonious appearance and safety of the bedroom

Fittedwardrobes London wardrobes are made in order to suit your angle and slope dimensions. Some bedrooms can be an unusual shape, featuring angled walls, sloping ceilings, alcoves or low eaves. For storage options, these spaces need a fully customised bespoke loft wardrobe.  Your loft is a unique space, so ordinary furniture won’t do the trick. Loft wardrobes should be designed to seamlessly fit into the contours of the room, filling every available space. When it comes to a loft wardrobe in London, we are always the primary choice. We will come up with more than one option for your loft room wardrobes and also help you make the decision between loft space sliding wardrobes or loft conversion wardrobes, then we will help you choose the type of materials and colour. 

We also make loft wardrobes with large windows, often located on the roof, which is ideal for stargazing on clear evenings. They will also be considerably higher than any other windows in your home, allowing you to see your local area from a whole new perspective.  Our Loft conversions are quick and easy to transform, making the addition of extra living space a straightforward task. Our storage solutions and room wardrobes integrated into the design allowing you to get the most out of your home. When it comes to loft conversions, we can guarantee that you will never be short for styles to perfectly complement your home. Every conversion can be individually tailored to meet both your requirements and the theme that you aim to convey. Our wardrobe for an attic bedroom is entirely bespoke, making them ideal for awkwardly shaped attic room spaces. Traditional extensions have strict guidelines about where you can and can’t place your windows, but with loft wardrobes doors made to measure we can place the windows anywhere for getting better natural light We work with utmost care to bring your idea of a conversion fitted wardrobes into reality. Visit our London showroom for more wardrobes and storage ideas.

Loft angled wardrobes

Built in loft wardrobes

Make most out of your loft or attic space and transform it into useful space with our new range of fitted loft wardrobes.

Small loft wardrobes

small loft wardrobes

Make your bedroom tidy and clutter-free with our premium range of built in loft wardrobes..

Bespoke Loft wardrobes

bespoke loft wardrobes

Specially created small loft wardrobes, custom-made to your exact room measurements .

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