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Small Loft wardrobes

When you are in need of storing clothes or even essentials it’s important to have a wardrobe. So what in case you have a small space?  Loft space can be quite difficult to use and work with, hence why our experienced designers use their diverse skill set to create clever loft storage space no matter the size or shape of the loft room. Opting to add a small loft wardrobe to your property has quickly become one of the most sought-after home renovation ideas, often used as a cost-friendly alternative to moving home. We have come up with our exciting range of small loft wardrobes that will serve your purpose. If you have a slightly different space, with less height or less space, your wardrobe should be customised in such a way that it would be useful to you. When it comes to small loft wardrobe, we can guarantee that you will never be short for styles to perfectly complement your home.

Many people are contented with the fact that loft wardrobes could take a lot of space and its not suitable for our small areas. At fitted wardrobes London we make loft wardrobes for any small space regardless of its location or size. Every conversion can be individually tailored to meet both your requirements and the theme that you aim to convey.  Our designers take exact measurements and design the right small loft wardrobe with all your accessories in it. So if you need to have a rail to hang your clothes or a shoe rack, we would customise according to your space. We match each design with your interiors according to your desired colours, shades and materials. It doesn’t matter how small your room is, we make the most use of the space without disturbing the ambience of your room. We always make sure that the installation would be done with perfection and in minimum time and it will not cause any disruption to your day to day activities.  Don’t get worried due to lack of storage options due to size-related issues, Fitted Wardrobes London brings to you the finest small loft wardrobes in town. 

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Loft angled wardrobes

Built in loft wardrobes

Make most out of your loft or attic space and transform it into useful space with our new range of fitted loft wardrobes.

Small loft wardrobes

small loft wardrobes

Make your bedroom tidy and clutter-free with our premium range of built in loft wardrobes..

Bespoke Loft wardrobes

bespoke loft wardrobes

Specially created small loft wardrobes, custom-made to your exact room measurements .

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