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Built in mirrored wardrobes

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Built in Mirrored Wardrobes

Bring home the touch of pure elegance with our latest range of built-in mirrored wardrobes. Just think of saving the wall space and keeping all your clothes arranged beautifully in a fully customized built-in mirrored wardrobe, amazing, isn’t it?

A mirrored wardrobe actually enhances the overall look of your room by making it more spacious. It creates the feel of more space in your small room and brightens up the dark corners to make it look beautiful.  When it comes to styling, nothing comes to mind other than our built-in mirrored wardrobes. They come in a wide range of styles and personalisation options, as well as different sizes. Homeowners can easily personalize the colours and finishes of tracks and panels also. The best part is, even the styles of the mirrors can be chosen based on the design of your building.  If the outside view is not that important, you can also install racks on them to store a range of things like DVDs, letter pads, pen, key set and more. 

We make each wardrobe bespoke to fit your every specific requirement regardless of Wall to the wall, floor to ceiling. For built-in mirrored wardrobe we have a lot of accessories options including drawers, hanging rails, shoe racks etc which gives you more storing options. Our mirrored door wardrobes can create the illusion of space, making a room appear larger than it actually is. The mirrored wardrobes work extremely well in small or cramped rooms, as they reflect the light and are quite minimal in design, so can open up the room seamlessly. Having a built-in mirrored door in your home becomes an eye-catching centerpiece as well as a highly functional addition to any room. We believe in providing high-quality services as you won’t find any substandard- materials or inferior engineering in any of the quality furniture we sell. With Fitted Wardrobes London the possibilities are endless and there would be no limitations in bringing you the best-fitted wardrobe you will ever get in the UK. You can choose any colour, the number of panels, interior options, shade or design according to your choice and we will build it for you. How about bringing a built-in mirror wardrobe to your home, from the best in business?

sliding wardrobes with light

Sliding wardrobes with light

Our sliding range of wardrobes with light comes with better quality LED lights which you could arrange anywhere.

sliding wardrobes with mirror

Sliding Wardrobes with Mirror

Sliding wardrobes with mirror use luxury mechanisms for that smooth soft touch feel with a seamless finish and look.

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